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“Texcover” Lamination

“Texcover” Lamination Film is marketed by Enhancement Technologies Inc. in the United States and Canada. It is a special, clear, polyester film designed either to withstand outdoor exposures or to make ordinary indoor metals look like much more expensive materials. Unlike vinyl laminates, Texcover is a clear film printed on the side next to the metal so that the film itself can act as a barrier to protect the design and the metal coil.

Texcover is normally applied to a coil of steel or aluminum on a coil coating line.

The flat metal can then be rolled-formed, punched, perforated, or bent to a “0-T” bend to achieve the final product without harming the laminate.

Simplified view of a coil coating line set up for decorative film laminates

Texcover is produced by Sublitex S.r.l. of Alba, Italy. The film is printed on rotogravure presses in either 50” or 60” widths and shipped by air in rolls of 1,000 meters or more.

Outdoor applications range from siding and soffits to roofing, downspouts, and window wells. Indoor applications include faux stainless appliances, interior paneling, display cases, shelving, range hoods, and elevator cabs.

When you want to go from just coating metals on your coil line to creating
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