“Texcover” Lamination

Texcover Lamination Film is marketed exclusively by Enhancement Technologies, Inc. in the United States and Canada.  It is a special, clear, polyester film used to decorate coil coated metals.  This thin, polyester film is designed either to provide a protective film against outdoor exposure or to make ordinary indoor metals mimic the appearance of much more expensive materials like wood, stone, marble, and granite.  The designs you can apply to your sheet metal are nearly endless!  The printed designs are so photorealistic that it can be difficult to tell the difference between coated sheet metal and the real thing.  Unlike traditional vinyl laminates, Texcover coil coated laminates are printed on the side next to the metal so that the film itself can act as a barrier to protect both the design and the metal coil.

Best Coil Coating Lamination Films

Texcover coil coating lamination films are normally applied to a coil of steel or aluminum on a coil coating line.  Once the decorative coil coating film is applied, the flat metal can then be roll-formed, punched, perforated or bent to an “O-T” bend to achieve the final product without harming the laminate.  Coil coated metals maintain all the durability of metal while adding a protective, decorative polyester film that will prevent oxidation and keep your metal parts looking great for years to come.  In addition, using designer coated sheet metals in place of materials like marble and wood can help your customers realize significant cost savings.

A simplified view of a decorative coil coating line set up for the decorative polyester film


Decorative Polyester Film for Coil Coated Metals

Texcover coil coating lamination films are produced by Sublitex S.r.l. of Alba Italy and Enhancement Technologies; Inc. is the exclusive distributor suppliers of Sublitex products in the United States and Canada.  The decorative polyester film is printed on rotogravure presses in either 50” or 60” widths and shipped by air in rolls of 1,000 meters or more.  The applications of coil coated laminates are nearly endless, from outdoor applications like siding, soffits, roofing, downspouts, and window wells to indoor applications like faux stainless appliances, interior paneling, display cases, shelving, range hoods, and elevator cabs.

Coil coated metals are so versatile and the fact the they can be formed, bent, and shaped after being coated means they can be used in manufacturing, building, architecture, automotive, art, interior design, or almost anything you can think of.  Adding unique designer laminated metals to your coil coating line’s output will mean you can capture an entirely new customer base.  Designer laminated metals are increasing in popularity every day, so this is your chance to create an entirely new income stream and corner the market on these gorgeous coated metals in your area.

Texcover Coil Coated Laminates

When you want to go from just coating metals on your coil line to creating unique designer coil coated laminates, call on Enhancement Technologies, Inc.  We can provide coil coating lamination films printed with a wide variety of designer patterns like wood grain, faux stainless steel, stone, and so much more.  Decorative coil coating not only adds a layer of protection, it also upgrades ordinary metals with incredibly good looks that your customers will absolutely love.

In addition to be the exclusive Texcover Film suppliers to the owners of coil coating lines in the United States and Canada, we can also provide films for polyester powder coating sublimation with our Decotrans Alu Dye Sublimation films.  Polyester powder coating sublimation actually transfers dyes directly to specially powder coated metals.  The advantage of dye sublimation is that it can be applied to already-formed metal parts of any shape.  The decorative polyester film conforms to every contour of a metal part to give it a unique look that’s perfect for a range of applications.


To find out more about coil coated laminates and decorative coil coating, call the exclusive coil coated suppliers of Sublitex products.  Call Enhancement Technologies at (908) 903-9080, send an email to info@EnhanceTech.com or fill out our online contact form to get a quote on your decorative coil coating films.  Your coil coating line’s output can reach completely new heights of style and elegance with designer laminate films from Enhancement Tech Inc!