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“Decotrans Alu” Dye Sublimation

Decotrans Alu is a dye sublimation film produced by Sublitex S.r.l. in Alba, Italy and exclusively distributed in the United States and Canada by Enhancement Technologies Inc.

It is designed for sublimating a printed pattern into a powder coated metal like an aluminum extrusion.

The process starts with a metal part that has been powder coated with a special, sublimable, polyester or polyurethane powder that can accept the dyes printed on the Decotrans Alu carrier film. The film is then vacuum sealed around the part to hold it in place while part and film go into an oven. Here, the dyes sublimate (vaporize) and get absorbed into the powder layer.

The film is then removed and a plain colored extrusion now takes on the appearance of wood, marble, or anything else that can be printed onto a film carrier.

Decotrans Alu film is produced on rotogravure printing equipment under very high tolerances. It is then shipped in 6 foot wide rolls that are 750 meters long and inventoried in the US with same day or next day shipping available.

Decotrans Alu is the best solution for decorating already formed metal parts as the film can cover all of the different curves and intricacies of an extrusion like an aluminum window frame. It is also used in indoor and outdoor aluminum paneling, metal ceilings, outdoor furniture, metal soffits and decks, table tops, metal kitchen cabinetry, fencing, railings, doors, and shutters. In short, just about any powder coated metal can be transformed with Decotrans Alu.

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