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Welcome to Enhancement Technologies, Inc.

Enhancement Technologies, Inc. is a company that develops and distributes decorative metal coating films for transforming the looks of coil coated and powder coated metals.  Located in Liberty Corner, New Jersey, USA, ETI works closely with Sublitex S.r.l of Alba Italy to bring Italian design and craftsmanship to the metal markets of the United States and Canada.  In fact, we are the only Sublitex supplier in North America!

Decorative Metal Coatings

Today’s design aesthetic signals a return to the natural look and feel of materials like wood and stone.  While bare metal or powder coated structural pieces still have their place in contemporary designs, modern designers often prefer to utilize natural materials.  With decorative films from Enhancement Technologies Inc., you can still take advantage of the unparalleled structural strength, durability, and low maintenance of metal parts while incorporating the classic good looks of natural materials.

Dye Sublimation Suppliers

Transfer printing for metals If you’re interested in decorating aluminum or bare metal parts with architectural wood grains, stone, or other designs, Enhancement Technologies, Inc. would like to be your film decorated coated aluminum supplier. Whether it’s an aluminum façade for a building, an extruded aluminum window frame, or any other coil coated or powder coated metal part, Enhancement Tech Inc has been a trusted dye sublimation supplier and film decorated coated aluminum supplier since 2010.

Enhancement Tech Inc supplies two types of architectural polyester film for aluminum and other metals. The first type is known as Decotrans Alu Dye Sublimation, which is a simple way for our customers to achieve transfer printing for metals without the expense of purchasing large industrial printers. We are a dye sublimation supplier, meaning we can create films you can use in conjunction with metal coating equipment to transfer your design onto any size or shape of metal part, embellishing the aluminum surface with wood grain, stone, or a number of other options. Transfer printing for metals with metal coating equipment bonds the design to the underlying material, by sublimation into the powder coating.

The other type of film for decorating aluminum and other metals is called Texcover Lamination. We utilize a process of lamination to bond your design to coils of metal sheet using a heated adhesive. Once you’ve applied the film using metal coating equipment the design is bonded so strongly that the material can even be bent and formed without damaging the image. The printed material can then be used in almost any application, including an aluminum façade detail or for embellishing an aluminum surface. If you’re looking for a North American Sublitex supplier of architectural wood grains and other designs, we can provide the films you need for decorating aluminum and other metals.

Architect Polyester Film Aluminum

Embellishing an aluminum surface is simple with decorative aluminum films from Enhancement Technologies, Inc.  As the exclusive Sublitex supplier for North America, we’re the only company that can supply these fine Italian-made decorative aluminum films that can be used for an aluminum façade or a variety of other applications.

For a Sublitex supplier that can assist you with obtaining decorative aluminum films suitable for an aluminum façade or nearly any other application, get in touch with Enhancement Technologies, Inc. today.  Call our company today at (908) 903-9080, send an email to or fill out our online contact form to find out more about all the products and designs we offer.